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Star India News is a unique and innovative niche programming service delivering 24 hour year around television programming consisting of news in the Hindi Language. Star India News offers viewers 24-hour Hindi news that is relevant to today's Indians. It covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to the environment. Reporting news as it happens in India and with links to international news agencies, Star India News keeps viewers fully informed and engaged.


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This #1 afternoon daily captures all the excitement and news of popular serials across channels and the tele-world. This unique show gives you a recap of the popular serials and predicts the likely turn of events in the following episodes. It not only looks at the twists and turns of Kyunki, Kahaani or what Jassi could be up to next, but also delves deep into the lives of television celebrities. Tune in to Saas Bahu aur Saazish every day for the latest on the tele-world.
This half-hour program keeps you updated with news from the filmi duniya with inside gossips, film premiers and parties, making of movies, on-location interviews, music launches and near real-time info on the glamorous world of films. There is also the headline news on filmi happenings, a main story segment, an event-based segment, celebrity interviews and a nostalgia segment peppered with perspectives from film shootings, film festivals and event locales that helps you know more about the surreal world of cinema!
Desh Videsh captures the essence of national as well as international news happenings in a unique two-host, two-hour format. An early evening bulletin, it’s stylised delivery and racy format provides a heady synopsis for the viewer on every domestic and international news happenings until that hour.
Out and away, but hoping to catch up with all the significant news for the day, Aaj ki Baat provides you with a comprehen- sive round up of the day’s news with an emphasis on the major stories.
A crisp, fast-paced pioneering effort in news programming. This bulletin delivers 24 stories in 30 minutes in a rapid-fire, reporter-led, never before attempted format. The programme will consist of segments like Sabse Badi Khabar, Desh, Shahar, Gunah, Duniya, Khel, Karobar, Cinema and TV to provide a themed delivery of news. In short, everything that you would ever want out of your favourite news channel will be delivered in an exciting format!
Wah! Cricket is an indepth cricket program which seeks to analyse and question, Team India's performances and set benchmarks for performance based on mission 2007,the dream of bringing back the World Cup to India.It turns the spotlight on the areas of improvement as well as questions strategies formed. At the same time trying to bring to light how Team India can raise the bar when it comes to performance.
Hosted by Deepak Chaurasia and and Kishore Ajwani
Let truth prevail - courts an aggressive and direct approach in presenting the various layers of meaning of a particular news story and its consequent impact on the viewers' lives- a form of newscast never seen before in the country! This primetime news bulletin presents a compelling and often divergent point of view through which people can identify their own concerns.



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