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September 07, 2006

TORONTO September 7, 2006: Asian Television Network International Limited (ATN) (TSX Venture-SAT) announces that it has acquired exclusive rights to broadcast STAR INDIA PLUS television programming within the territorial boundaries of Canada, under an agreement just concluded.

STAR PLUS is India’s number one channel for six years in a row, it is watched by over 75 million people every week. STAR is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation. Their ascendance to this premier position is in keeping with their roots and ties with the worldwide phenomenon of the media mogul Rupert Murdoch. “We do not ever take our viewers for granted and for program quality and excellence Sky is the limit. We are ecstatic and proud as we look forward to the launching of STAR INDIA PLUS programming on our ATN Channel next month. The launch is planned to coincide with the festivities of DIWALI and EID,” said Shan Chandrasekar the President and CEO of ATN.

ATN provides a unique forum for bringing the best of diverse productions local as well as global. ATN operates 13 television channels and has programming alliances with leading International Broadcasters.  

For details please visit www.asiantelevision.com

B. Fulton CA
Asian Television Network International Limited
Newmarket, Ontario Canada


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